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Tisha Hammond

I'm the Head Cheerleader at Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC. Simply put, I'm a cheerleader for the inquisitive and prospective entrepreneur, the enthusiastic hobbyist, and the existing business owner or social enterprisers experiencing growing joys and pains. My experience as a Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Law Enforcement Officer can certainly benefit those who desire to hear an encouraging word and can discipline themselves mentally and financially to succeed. 

In 2015, I started my first blog - From Launch To Ascent. In 2016, I created #iGoaltend Magazine. My current blog, Pep Talk with The Small Business Cheerleader, is my give back to the community. I’m a Grant Writer, Young Entrepreneur mentor, and Board Member (just ask me). 


Our services include:


*Corporate Training 


    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  

    Team Building  

    Effective Public Speaking  

    Achieving Employee Buy-in  

*Notary Public


*Small Business Development Consultation

*Non-Profit Consultation  

*Grant Writing 

*Sponsorship Brokerage 

*Fundraising Consultation

*Physical Work-Space 

*Meeting & Networking Space 

*Notary Public


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Tisha Hammond, The Small Business Cheerleader


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