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There are numerous advantages to launching your business in 2019.

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Tisha Hammond

I'm the Head Cheerleader at Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC. Simply put, I'm a cheerleader for the inquisitive and prospective entrepreneur, the enthusiastic hobbyist, and the existing business owner or social enterprisers experiencing growing joys and pains. My experience as a Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Law Enforcement Officer can certainly benefit those who desire to hear an encouraging word and can discipline themselves mentally and financially to succeed. 

In 2015, I started my first blog - From Launch To Ascent. In 2016, I created #iGoaltend Magazine. My current blog, Pep Talk with The Small Business Cheerleader, is my give back to the community. I’m a Grant Writer, Young Entrepreneur mentor, and Board Member (just ask me). 

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Our services include:


*Corporate Training 


    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  

    Team Building  

    Effective Public Speaking  

    Achieving Employee Buy-in  

*Notary Public


*Small Business Development Consultation

*Non-Profit Consultation  

*Grant Writing 

*Sponsorship Brokerage 

*Fundraising Consultation

*Physical Work-Space 

*Meeting & Networking Space 

*Notary Public

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Welcome to Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

Tisha Hammond, The Small Business Cheerleader

Small Business Resource Center - Working For You

Take Control of Your Business Finances


Are you a business owner with no time?  Here's a tool to help you stay in control of your finances for tax time. It's perfect for freelancers, independent consultants, contractors and solepreneurs. 

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Need To Know: Pre-Business Launch Stage


Success in any business demands both mental and financial fitness. Work out these areas first and your business venture will be in good shape. This takes discipline, but you can do it!

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Spirited and Uplifting Advice Just For You


The Small Business Cheerleader welcomes questions from those feeling deflated, worried or unmotivated in your career, on your board or in your start-up. Get ready for your Pep Talk.

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Give the Gift of Consultation


Self-employment is not for everyone, but the world's largest workforce calls themselves "Boss." Give the gift of consultation to the aspiring entrepreneur or "boss" in your life.

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Guest Bloggers Wanted

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"Pep Talk With The Small Business Cheerleader" welcomes guest bloggers who want to share encouraging words  about adventures in self-employment.

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Connecting with Young Entrepreneurs...

A little freestyle goes a long way to connect with young entrepreneurs.

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